Living in Iaşi

Your Future,
Your Home

Welcome to Iasi. Your student journey starts here

Student life in Iasi is not complete without trying all the things our city has to offer. The city has an impressive cultural heritage and a thriving academic atmosphere, making it an excellent destination for your educational journey. You can experience a unique blend of historical charm and modern opportunities. 

Cultural Tapestry

Iasi’s cultural narrative is woven with historical landmarks and intriguing places to explore. The Palace of Culture is a significant symbol of Iasi’s rich past, and you can wander through the enchanting Copou Park, and through ”Anastasie Fatu Garden”, the oldest botanical garden in Romania.

Culinary Delights:Something for Every Taste

Iași caters to the discerning palate of students with a delightful fusion of local and international cuisines. Whether you crave local favorites or international flavors, the city’s restaurants offer a wide range of dishes. Dining in Iași is an expression of the city’s vibrant character and diverse culinary scene.

Nightlife: Where the City Comes Alive

As the sun sets, Iași transforms into a lively hub of nightlife, embracing diverse tastes. Cozy pubs, wine bars, and energetic clubs create a vibrant atmosphere for unwinding, socializing, and dancing into the night. No matter your preference, Iași offers the perfect setting for your nocturnal adventures.

Warm Hospitality:
A Home Away from Home

Iași is a community that embraces diversity, where international students feel at home from the moment they arrive. You can experience the warm hospitality of the locals, engage with the community, discover Romanian traditions, and forge connections that extend far beyond the classroom.

Discover great places to spend your spare time, enjoy the days in breathtaking natural areas, or catch the movies and join the festivals all year long.

Cost of Living:
Affordable and Student-Friendly

Iasi provides a cost-effective living environment compared to many Western European cities. The estimated living cost is approximately 300 euros per month, allowing you to focus on your studies without the pressure of pricey living expenses.


Begin your student life in the most youthful way by choosing to live in on-campus halls, an excellent opportunity to quickly make new friends. Prices for a bed in the ‘Tudor Vladimirescu’ Campus start at almost 70 euros per month for a double room. If you prefer more independence, renting an apartment ranges between 200 and 450 euros for a one-bedroom, depending on the area and amenities.

Getting Around

You can navigate using the local public transport services, which provide affordable bus and tram services covering the metropolitan area. Public transport is cost-effective, with a one-way ticket priced at about 0.60 euros. For a faster commute, you can opt for cabs, Uber, or Bolt.


Explore shopping options with malls like Iulius Mall and Palas Mall, both conveniently located near the campus. Shops are generally open between 10:00 and 20:00 during the week, with Sunday hours until 21:00. While Romanian currency is widely accepted, most shops also take credit cards. For a taste of a healthy lifestyle, explore local markets offering fresh, organic products directly from farmers.

Estimated Monthly Costs
in Iasi for a Student

We’re here to provide you with guidance on anticipated expenses during your stay. Below are examples of day-to-day costs you can expect:


On-campus dorm (double room)

70 euro (shared room)

Renting a one-bedroom apartment

200 - 450 euro


Public transport one-way ticket

0,60 euro

Monthly public transport pass

15 euro

Public transport one-way ticket

0,60 euro


Weekly groceries

20 - 30 euro

Mid-range restaurant meal

10 - 15 euro

Street food/snacks

3 - 5 euro


Monthly electricity, water, etc

50 - 80 euro

Internet subscription

7 - 10 euro

Mobile phone plan

5 - 10 euro


Cinema ticket

5 - 7 euro

Coffee at local café

2 - 3 euro

Night out at bar/club

10 - 20 euro


Books and study materials

10 - 20 euro

Personal care items

10 - 15 euro

Total monthly estimate

On-campus living

200 - 250 euro

Renting an apartment

350 - 600 euro

Note: Actual costs may vary; create a budget based on personal preferences and lifestyle. You can find a more detailed plan of the costs of living here. 

Traveling to/from Iasi

When traveling to or from Iasi, you can take advantage of various transportation options.

By plane

Iasi Airport has direct flights to/from big cities like London, Madrid, Munich, Rome, Bologna, Tel Aviv, Paris, or Brussels, and new flights are constantly being added. You can find more information here. Once in Iaşi Airport, the city center can easily be reached by bus or taxi (20 minutes’ drive).

By train

Once in Bucharest, you have several cheap ways of getting to Iaşi by train. Please visit the CFR website (Romanian Railways Company), for the latest train schedules for domestic routes. You can also buy a train ticket online from this website. Foreign students who are grantees of the Romanian Government have the same facilities as Romanian students.

By car

The fastest route from Bucharest to Iaşi is via E85, E 581. Please check Google Maps.

By bus

There are a lot of private companies offering national and international transport services to and from Iaşi.

Things to do in Iasi

Explore great places to make the most of your leisure time, enjoy your days in awe-inspiring natural settings, or join festivals throughout the entire year.