International students are categorized into several groups, according to the financing source of their studies and by the regulations and procedures they have to follow in order to register:

Neighboring countries students

Romania has specific programs and regulations for students from Republic of Moldova, as well as for Romanians – citizens of neighboring countries; the information is constantly evolving and updated on the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Internal Affairs websites;

Exchange students from partner institutions

Special project regulations are applied for them

EU students

State grant-aided or self (privately) financed;

Privately financed students from third-party countries

For this category, there are different regulations and procedures as well for the citizens of the European Union, European Economic Area, or citizens of the Swiss.

Non-EU Students

Non-EU citizens who wish to study in Romania need to submit their applications directly to the Romanian university of their choice. The Letter of acceptance is issued by the Ministry of Education and represents the final document, necessary and compulsory to study in Romania.