Campus and Living

Live, Learn, Thrive

A place to embrace the best years of your life

Welcome to a world where student life is not just about lectures and exams, but a vibrant journey of exploration and enjoyment.

Life on campus

At TUIASI, we are dedicated to providing our students with a comfortable, safe, and friendly atmosphere. By choosing to live on campus, you will be immersed in the bustling life of the Tudor Vladimirescu Student Campus, one of the largest university campuses in Romania. 

Our modern residence halls redefine student living, and with 21 halls offering over 7,500 places in 2,700 rooms, you will not only have a place to live but a community to belong to. The campus is a city within a city, offering everything you need within walking distance. 

We offer a range of facilities for your convenience, including a modern canteen that serves affordable and delicious food, sports facilities with special rates for students, and free laundry services. These amenities make your life as a TUIASI student rich and fulfilling.


TUIASI has one of the most beautiful libraries in the world. 

Discover the TUIASI Library, recognized globally as one of the most beautiful in the world. More than a repository of books, it stands as an architectural gem where new technology seamlessly integrates with traditional learning and research.

With approximately a million volumes spanning engineering, technology, science, and economics, our library is a beacon of intellectual exploration. Our integrated software and online catalog provide quick access to a wealth of information curated to international standards.

Health and Well-being: A Priority

The Student Health Service on campus is at your service, offering a comprehensive range of medical services.

All international students enjoy free consultations with skilled doctors and access to hospital treatment when needed.


Romania has one of the best prices and fastest internet in the world.

Ranked 10th globally, Romania boasts one of the best internet speeds in Europe. Our campus ensures that you stay connected with friends and family, never missing a Facebook post, an Instagram image, or a tweet.

Leisure and Sports:
Balancing Academics with Fun

Life at TUIASI isn’t just about academics—it’s about balance. Promoting a healthy lifestyle, we provide modern gym halls, playing fields, fitness and aerobic centers, and spaces for football, volleyball, and basketball. Join our award-winning football team or explore new interests through our various sports teams.

Be part of a community where every aspect of your life is considered and cared for, ensuring you thrive academically, personally, and socially.

Clubs & Students' Union

  • Board of European Students of Technology – BEST Iasi
  • Association Students of the Faculty of Construction and Installations – A.S.A.F.C.I.
  • Association of Students of the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering – A.S.A.F.S.I.M.
  • Association of Student Architects Iasi – A.S.A.I.
  • Association of Students of Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering – A.S.A. HGIM
  • Association of Students and Young Polytechnic Engineers – A.S.T.I.P.
  • Association of Chemical Students “Chemis” – A.S.C. CHEMIST
  • League of Students from the Faculty of Automation and Computers – L.S.A.C.
  • League of Electronics Students from Iasi – L.S.E.T.C.
  • League of Electrical Engineering Students – L.S.E.T.H.
  • League of Students from the Faculty of Mechanics – L.S.M.
  • Erasmus Students Network – ESN
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