Where Tradition
Meets Tomorrow

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi (TUIASI) has a long-standing tradition of providing engineering education in Romania. From the beginning, it has prioritized research, interdisciplinary approaches, innovation, and, in the last two decades, internationalization. TUIASI is home to over 13,500 diverse and creative students on one of the largest national campuses, located in the heart of Iasi, a true cultural capital city in North-East Romania.

Our goal of developing “technology for the people around us” is the driving force behind TUIASI’s teaching, and technological transfer activities, which have contributed to the university’s continuous growth. We are committed to meeting your educational needs and are constantly enhancing our facilities and curricula to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the workplace. Through 690+ international agreements, we shape a collaborative future, promoting mobility and fostering global knowledge and research exchange.

The university prepares engineers with high professional qualifications, ready to effectively meet society’s needs for innovation and development. Explore, learn, and grow in an environment that embraces diversity, builds confidence, and unlocks potential.

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Every day, we seize a unique opportunity to empower and shape the bright minds and spirits of the digitally savvy next generation. To us, education is not just a process; it’s a dynamic journey of exploration and evolution. 

We continually strive to foster creativity and equip our students with the skills to thrive in an ever-evolving world. Our dedication to innovative transformation is a guiding principle, shaping the essence of the educational experience at TUIASI.


We aim to enhance the quality of life for our students and the broader community. As students embark on their educational journey at TUIASI, they gain knowledge and skills and internalize principles that will guide them toward a future marked by success, responsibility, and positive impact.


We foster a culture of innovation that encourages students to think beyond conventions.

Experiential learning

We foster a culture of innovation that encourages students to think beyond conventions.


We foster a culture of innovation that encourages students to think beyond conventions.


We foster a culture of innovation that encourages students to think beyond conventions.


65% of the Invention Patents
in Romania from the last 10 years are owned by TUIASI.

TUIASI way of learning

We strongly emphasize core engineering principles. Our students engage with a rigorous academic curriculum that covers a spectrum of technical subjects, ensuring they develop a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations of their field.

We also understand that true mastery of engineering requires practical experience. Hence, we provide access to laboratories and research facilities for students to apply their knowledge to today’s problems. By learning through hands-on experience, they are prepared to become skilled problem-solvers in their future careers.

The core of TUIASI: Its community

We’re always working hard to create a warm, welcoming, and secure environment because we believe every TUIASI student deserves to feel at home. On our campus, one of the largest in Romania, you’ll discover more than just facilities – you’ll find your community.

”This is where I've created my most beautiful memories, which will stay with me for a lifetime, and also where I've learned the most. Do you want to create unforgettable memories, build a successful career, and truly experience student life? Come to TUIASI and we'll take care of the rest.”
Sergiu Vrabie
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
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"Gheorghe Asachi' Technical University of Iasi is the place where you can become what you desire, the place where you can be yourself, in your best version. Things change when you start integrating into the community, realizing that professors are there to help you, and understanding that you are not alone."
Ioana-Lavinia Barbacaru
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services
”Do you need people to support and guide you towards great things? Those people are here, beside you, at TUIASI. (...) The university provides students with high-performance laboratories for understanding and deepening their knowledge. After completing your studies, what you've learned at the university will help you secure a safe, well-paying, and future-oriented job.”
Lucian Claudiu Grigoruță
Faculty of Machine Manufacturing and Industrial Management