Non-EU students

General admission requirements for Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi for non-EU student

Non-EU citizens who want to study in Romania have to apply to the chosen Romanian university.
The Letter of acceptance is issued by the Ministry of Education and represents the final document, necessary and compulsory to study in Romania.

Our university can be contacted at the following address:
Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi – University Strategies Vice Rectorate
Prof. dr. doc. Dimitrie Mangeron Street, 67, 700050 – Iasi, Romania,
The university will discuss the application file only with the candidates.

Application file – required documents

  1. Application form (2 copies) – At no. 11 please fill in your personal e-mail address where we can contact you and your home address where the Romanian Ministry of Education can contact you (see Annex 2);
  2. Study documents (copy and legally certified translation in Romanian, English or French):

    • for bachelor’s degree studies: the baccalaureate diploma or its equivalent;
    • for master’s degree studies: the baccalaureate diploma and the bachelor’s degree diploma or their equivalent;
  3. Academic records for completed studies (copy and legally certified translation in Romanian, English or French);
  4. Birth certificate (copy and legally certified translation in Romanian, English or French);
  5. Copy of the passport – valid at least 6 months after the day the letter of acceptance to studies is issued;
  6. Medical certificate (in English) proving that the person to be registered for studies does not suffer from infectious diseases or other illnesses that are incompatible with the future profession. On the medical certificate it must be specified that ‘The candidate is not registered with mental illnesses and infectious or contagious diseases’. If the candidate is registered with mental illnesses, he / she will have to bring the psychologist’s / psychiatrist’s approval that the candidate can perform the studies to be registered to.
  7. International English language certificate, assessed by the Foreign Language Department at Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iaşi. If the candidate does not submit an international English certificate, he or she will have to pass an eliminatory linguistic proficiency exam at our University.
  8. Copy of the document proving permanent residence abroad.
  9. Copy of the document proving payment of the file processing fee of the amount equivalent in Romanian currency (lei) of 80 euros. On the bank document, the candidate will have to mention his / her name and the text ‘taxa procesare dosar’ (file processing fee). The file processing fee will be transferred to the bank account below
    Beneficiary: Universitatea Tehnica „Gheorghe Asachi” din Iasi
    CIF: 4701606
    Address: Iasi 67 Prof. dr. docent Dimitrie Mangeron Street
    Cod IBAN: RO44TREZ 4062 0F33 0500 XXXX
    Bank: TREZORERIA Iasi
    The fee in Romanian currency (lei) will be calculated according to the National Bank of Romania official exchange rate on the day of the payment.

Applying period

Admission file submission: 15 May – 27 July 2017

Candidates will submit their file (scanned copy) by e-mail at or by postal service at the Rectorate of Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi (room B102).

The file will be analysed and, if accepted, will be sent to the Romanian Ministry of Education for approval.

Afterwards, accepted candidates will have to submit, by e-mail at, a declaration consenting to proceed with the registration at the university.

Candidates who do not submit this declaration will not be taken into account.

In order to be enrolled as a student at our university you have to:

  • present the passport with the study visa;
  • present all documents from the application file, in original, certified for authentication by the Romanian Embassy from the issuer country and in legalised translations and 4 passport-size photos;
  • pay the tuition fee.


Important: other than these general requirements, each candidate must also meet certain specific requirements when applying to a study programme, so be sure to also check the Specific Requirements page of the programme you wish to apply to.