This program is organized by the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology of Iasi, Romania . The program focuses on telecommunication technologies and systems, including both fundamentals and specialized topics related to modern applications. The curriculum starts with two-year basic education, including courses such as mathematics, physics, programming, electronic measurement, signals, circuits & systems. It continues with two-year specialization, related to digital communication systems, digital signal processing, radio communications, mobile communications, antennas and propagation, microwave circuits, optical communications and communication networks. The study program aims at offering our students a broad range of cross-disciplinary technical competences, including the knowledge and abilities needed to conceive, design, implement, test and operate modern communication systems based on generating, transmitting, receiving and processing electrical, acoustic and optical signals across the frequency spectrum, and the processing of associated data and information. Optimization and traffic management in digital networks, multimedia information processing, modulation, and data coding (compression, encryption, error-correction and line coding) are also considered. Programming skills enable our graduates to implement software solutions for communication applications, including web design and communication link design. Close links with top multinational companies such as Continental, Ericsson, Microchip and Infineon, resulted in improved access to modern technologies and educational resources.