How long will it take me to get a bachelor’s degree?
This depends on many factors, i.e. how many hours of classes you take per year, whether you are in school continuously, etc., but we would like to see you graduate as soon as possible!
If I wanted to get a bachelor's degree in four years, what would that take?
You’d need to take an average of five classes each semester (totaling 30 hours in one academic year) to complete a degree program of 120 hours.
What kind of teachers do you have, and will I get to know them?
Our teachers are well qualified, both academically and professionally.
How do I begin the admissions process?
Visit Admission&Fees page.
What is the total cost of attendance?
Please visit the Other fees page.
How do I find a job once I graduate?
Start looking before you graduate on the dedicated page for Carrier opportunities.