Master – IT4T – Information Technologies for Telecommunications.

The “IT4T – Information Technologies for Telecommunications” Master’s
programme aims at training the graduates in the sub-domain of software
engineering on the design, implementation and integration of software
systems with orientation in the field of embedded systems and particularly
of telecommunication systems, networks and services. The necessity of this
specialization derives from the large share of SW systems in all embedded
and telecommunication systems, networks and services, covering a wide range
of basic software, network and applications. In these directions, the
graduates will have knowledge and capabilities on defining and specifying
the initial system requirements, defining and structuring software
architectures, specifying, validating, designing, implementing, testing,
integrating, maintaining and developing software subsystems. The graduates
of the programme shall have a vision at the system level and conduct
designing procedures by highlighting different levels, from hardware
devices and platforms, to software techniques and means, to communication
and interconnecting aspects.
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